Hello friends!

Thank you for stopping by.

I am sure that whatever event you are about to start planning you are probably freaking out...

just a little :)

But dont you worry,now you have found me and I am here to help!

Aside from my professional career, I have been planning events for friends and family and work events pretty much my whole life..

From birthday parties to corporate Halloween parties..I have done it!

I am passionate about organizing events and transforming environments into unrecognizable wonderlands no matter what your theme of choice is.

vancouver wedding planner
why me.jpg

I am a professional certified makeup artist & hairstylist,

I have worked as an assistant photographer
for a
couple of years, a creative director on fashion shoots,

styling and directing models for the past 8 years,

and have a new unique decorating company

called FluffyBlooms for giant handmade

flowers annnddd

I am a certified wedding planner!!

What I am trying to say is..don't worry...I got ya!

There is alot more fun things I can tell you about me but you will have to meet me for a coffee if you want me to spill the beans ;)

So what are you waiting for?

Contact me for a consultation today!!!