FluffyBlooms are unique giant flowers that are carefully handmade from luxurious imported material. 

The materials Elena uses are, Crepe Paper from Italy and imported foam.

The Flowers are reusable so they make a great eco-friendly & greenchoice alternative to real flowers.

There are many different flowers that can be made, from peonies to Dahlias ..lilies and sunflowers..what ever your heart might fancy is possible!
You can use those gorgeous flowers to create your own designs, and decorate with them in any way, they are used for walls, ceilings, can come on a stem or just sit on the floor!

Take your wedding or event décor and design to

the next level with our gorgeous flowers.

Create unique floral backdrops, walls, arches, and centerpieces.

Event Planner Fluffyblooms wall.jpg

Arches are the most popular designs,
they are used in ceremonies,
as a photo backdrop or
just besides the cake table drawing
more attentions to the
yummies in the room!



Flower walls are the big trend!

They are such a great way to encourage your guests to take memorable gorgeous photos at your event, the easily become the center of attention and create a beautiful fun atmosphere!


custom designs.jpg

FluffyBlooms can be used to create
any kind of design imaginable,
from standing bunches to
table tops, store displays and
ceiling decor...t
he possibilities are endless!

Please Inquire

flower wedding arch
flower wall vancover
vancouver flower wall

Below are some examples of other colors available to order. For the full color palette, please contact us. Flowers can also be shaded and colors can be mixed to achieve desired effect and match themes

FluffyBlooms colors
Fluffyblooms colors
Fluffyblooms colors 3
Fluffyblooms Flowers
Fluffyblooms Flowers

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Fluffyblooms babyshower
Fluffyblooms babyshower

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Fluffyblooms wall
Fluffyblooms wall

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Fluffyblooms Flowers
Fluffyblooms Flowers

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